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The Professional Practice Course (“PPC”) is a nine-month academic and skills based programme designed to introduce students to the knowledge and skills required to practice law in the Cayman Islands. The PPC is a postgraduate programme, specifically designed to prepare students to deal with the unique features of the Cayman Islands legal profession. It represents the first stage towards qualification as an attorney in the Cayman Islands. Successful completion of the PPC leads to the award of a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice by Oxford Brookes University (UK). This qualification may then be topped up by the student to an LLM in Legal Practice through Oxford Brookes University.

Upon completion of the PPC, students will undertake 18 months practical training in Articles of Clerkship with local law firms. The programme provides training for students in both theoretical and practical skills, across a wide range of subjects, some of which may not have been studied at an undergraduate level. These include such topics as Civil and Criminal Litigation, Corporate Practice, Conveyancing, Probate and Legal Ethics. In addition, practical skills such as courtroom and appellate advocacy, negotiation and legal drafting all form part of the PPC curriculum. Upon completion of the programme, students are ready to commence practice as a trainee attorney.



Method of Teaching

PPC students are instructed by Truman Bodden Law School staff, as well as a range of highly experienced legal practitioners, who share their years of practical experience with students.


The PPC course is delivered via a mixture of lectures, interactive sessions and practical exercises, to prepare you for a career in the practice of law.




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