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Cayman Islands Law Review (CILRv)
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Lecturer Research

Mr. Andrew Perkins
LL.B (Hons), LL.M (Wales), Barrister (Gray’s Inn), Solicitor England and Wales (non-practising), AFHEA


Edited Collections

  • Cayman Business Law (2020 Edition), (CILPA Press), Dr. Lisa Bowyer and Mr. Andrew Perkins.
  • Forthcoming 2022: Market Abuse Regulation (offshore) in Elgar Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets, edited by Iain MacNeil and Iris H-Y Chu.


Journal Articles


Case Notes

  • In the matter of CTRIP Investments Issue 3 2020 CILr P41
  • In the matter of China Holdings Issue 3 2020 CILr P43


Book Reviews

  • Directors Law and Practice- International Commercial Law Review 2009 P190
  • European Public Law- International Trade Law Review 2009 P146
  • Responsible Business- International Trade Law Review 2009 P162


Ms. Kerry Lewis
BA (Hons), LL.M, PGCTHE, FHEA, Solicitor (non-practising)


Ms. Laura Panades
LL.B, BSc, MRes (UPF) (Barcelona)
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Small States, High Stakes: A Policy Proposal To Deliver Welfare Via Public Purchasing’, 4 International Journal of Procurement Management 14, 426-440.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Panama APPapers: valoración crítica de la asociación público-privada en Panamá desde el derecho comparado’ [Panama PPPapers: a comparative law-based critical assessment of public-private partnerships in Panama], Anuario de Derecho de la Universidad de Panamá (forthcoming).
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Public-private partnerships in transport: a critical assessment of the Caribbean’, 1 Public Administration and Policy – An Asia-Pacific Journal 24, 61-75.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Building cruise berthing facilities in the Cayman Islands – an unfinished drama in three acts’, 1 Études Caribéennes 47, 1-21.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Brexit from an offshore perspective’ (2020) 3 Cayman Islands Law Review Journal, 92-97.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Economic diplomacy in small countries: a four-action plan for the Cayman Islands’, (2020) 1 International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy 6, 67-84.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘The Cayman Islands Public Procurement reform –  research reaps real rewards’, (2020) 2 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 15, 186-94.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Competition in British Overseas Territories’ Public Procurement: going for gold or a race to the bottom?’, (2020) 1 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 15, 13-23.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Technocracy in paradise: Assessing the Social Impact of Public Procurement in The Cayman Islands via Public Sector Interviews’, (2019) 5 The Round Table – The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs 108, 553-565.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘The Cayman Islands New Public Procurement Framework: manuscript or first draft?’ (2019) 2 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 14, 79-86.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Assessing Public-Private Partnership Law and Regulation in the Cayman Islands: Opening Gateways or Closing Loopholes?’, (2019) 3 Public Procurement Law Review 28, 108-119.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Note-taking and notability: how to succeed at legal fieldwork’ (2018) 2 Croatian International Relations Review 24, 104-123.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘The Cayman Islands: New Procurement Regulations: filling gaps or digging holes?’ (2018) 2 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 13.
  • Christian Kurrer and Laura Panadès, ‘What if we were to travel on levitating trains?’, European Parliament Research Service, PE614.558 (Publications Office of the European Union 2018).
  • Laura Panadès, ‘The Cayman Islands: Public-Private Partnerships under construction’ (2017) 2 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 12.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘The Cayman Islands: An Ongoing Overhaul of Public Procurement’ (2017) 1 Eur. Pub. Private Partnership L. Rev 12.
  • Lieve Van Woensel, Philip Boucher, Laura Panadès, ‘Ten more technologies which could change our lives: potential impacts and policy implications’ [2017] European Parliament Research Service.
  •  Laura Panadès, ‘Reinforced Social Clauses in Public-Private Partnerships as the vehicle for the people’s Europe’ in E Stetter et al (eds), Progressive Lab for Sustainable Development. From vision to action, Foundation for European Progressive Studies 2017, ISBN 978-2-930769-13-4.
  • Laura Panadès, ‘Book review: Public Services in EU Law’ [2016] 3 Public Procurement Law Review 113-114.
  • Josepa Alemany, Xavier Perramon, and Laura Panadès. ‘The impact of the European Higher Education Area on traineeships: interviews with academic coordinators’ (2016) 2 Intangible Capital 12, 420-446.
  • Lieve Van Woensel, Geoff Archer, Laura Panadès, Darja Vrscaj, ‘Towards scientific foresight in the European Parliament, in depth analysis’ [2015] European Parliament Research Service.
  •  Lieve Van Woensel, Geoff Archer, Laura Panadès, ‘Ten technologies which could change our lives: potential impacts and policy implications’ [2015] European Parliament Research Service.
  • Josepa Alemany, Xavier Perramon, and Laura Panadès. ‘Las prácticas externas en el proceso de adaptación al EEES: El punto de vista de la primera promoción de grado en la UPF [Traineeships in the transition towards the European Higher Education Area: first results]’ (2014) 4 Revista de Docencia Universitaria 12.
  • Josepa Alemany, Xavier Perramon, and Laura Panadès. ‘Use of mobile collaborative tools for the assessment of out-of-classroom courses in Higher Education. Cloud technologies applied to the monitoring of the Practicum’ (CSEDU 2014, 6th International Conference on Computer Supported Education).
  • Xavier Perramon, Josepa Alemany and Laura Panadès. ‘Assuring the quality of the practicum in the EHEA with Moodle and Google Docs – Design of a tool for facilitating the practicum monitoring’, Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Vol 2: CSEDU, pages 175-178.


Mr. Michael Bromby
BSc (Hons), GDL, LL.M (Edin), Dip FMS, FHEA, CMALT


Mr. Mitchell Davies
LL.B (Hons) (UEA)
  • Davies, M. C. (2013) ‘[Cali] Fornication by False Pretences – No Penalty for Partner Personation under California’s Penal Code’, Journal of Criminal Law, 77(4), pp. 325–336.
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Ms. Rhian Minty
LL.B (Hons), LL.M (De Monfort), Barrister (Gray’s Inn) (non-practising)
  • O’Brien, D. and Minty, R. (2021) ‘The challenges of multi-layered governance and the fight for same sex marriage in Bermuda and the Caribbean Overseas Territories’, Public Law, Jan, pp. 106–124.


Mr. Scott Atkins
LL.B (Hons), Dip LP, FHEA, Solicitor (non-practising)



  • S Atkins, Equity & Trusts (3rd edn, 2019, TBLS Academic Publishing; formerly published by Routledge)


 Edited works

  • S Atkins (ed), Insights into Trusts Law: the Channel Islands and beyond’ (2013) Institute of Law, Jersey
  • S Atkins (ed) Futter & Pitt: Mistakes by Trustees (2014) Institute of Law, Jersey



  • S Atkins, ‘The Law of Trusts: two out of three ain’t bad’ (2020) Cayman Islands Law Review (publication due Winter 2020)
  • S Atkins, Westlaw Insight Encyclopaedia: various short articles on key provisions in the law of trusts (updated annually)
  • S Atkins, ‘Solomon v McCarthy: unwritten trusts of land’ (2020) T & T 26 (4) 372-376
  • S Atkins, ‘A Balance of Convenience’ (2020) SJ 163 (3) 56-57
  • S Atkins, ‘Implication of contractual terms (One Fish Co Ltd v Iceland Foods Ltd)’ Lexis-Nexis 25/1/2018


Case notes

  • S Atkins, ‘Legg v Burton: proprietary estoppel might found a basis for mutual wills’ (2018) 24 (4) T & T 377-380


 Conference reports

  • S Atkins, ‘Futter & Pitt: mistakes by trustees: a look at the Supreme Court decision and the way forward’ (2014) (1) JGLR 121
  • S Atkins, ‘Insights into trust law: the Channel Islands and beyond’ (2013) (1) JGLR 69