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For the Professional Practice Course the following fees are payable in respect of your studies.


Fees $ Comment
Admission Application Fee KYD 150.00 Payable on application
Refundable Placement Deposit KYD 250.00 Payable on acceptance of offer of place
OBU Registration Fee KYD 1 000.00 per year Payable [on/at the beginning of Semester 1]
Tuition Fees KYD 9 900.00 per year Payable in two instalments on the first day of each of the two terms
Examination Fee KYD 50.00 Payable for each examination


Any student whose fees are overdue by more than 8 weeks may be excluded from classes and thereafter excluded from studies for 12 months whereupon they will be re-admitted (assuming all outstanding fees to have been paid by this time).


Payment can be made by cash, credit/debit card, bank draft or cheque. Bank drafts and cheques should be made payable to the Truman Bodden Law School. When paying tuition fees with a US cheque, the conversion from KYD to USD is ÷ .82.


You can now also make payment via direct deposit/electronic fund transfer (EFT) through your local bank. Visit Pay@TBLS to place your order and to get detailed payment instructions.